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Our Current Available Litter Of Malamutes

Puppies Puppies Puppies

New litter born 1/21/02 ~ 9 pups, grey and sable
Dam (Shiloh) and Sire (Yukon), both OFA certified  ~ only 2 puppies left for St. Patrick's Day (1 male and 1 female)

Pictured below at 4 weeks and younger

YukonFeb1301.jpg (89727 bytes)Shiloh3.jpg (58212 bytes)

YUKON                                                SHILOH

KellyAngelKiri.jpg (93759 bytes)

Kelly, Angel and Kirri ........... the girls

Males.jpg (62174 bytes)

Mikey, Kellen, Spike, Myatuk, and Jaws .......... the boys

(Mikey, Kellen and Myatuk are the males that are not spoken for)

Kerri.jpg (24527 bytes) out of box2.jpg (48815 bytes)
pups3wks.jpg (45155 bytes)
Shiloh&pups.jpg (64091 bytes)
sleepin.jpg (44309 bytes)
waiter!.jpg (30949 bytes)

dal_animatedpaws.gif (4521 bytes)


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